The SSRA coaching philosophy focuses on building the individual player first while introducing team concepts as part of the overall development process.  Coaches participate as a staff on Monday Group Training Nights where they work with all players in a particular age group.  At the same time, they are learning drills and coaching skills from our professional and licensed coaches.  Thursday Night Team training allows coaches to focus on their development on a designated team such as U10 girls or U9 boys.  Sunday Match Days and Tournament Events put that training into action.  In some cases, coaches may be asked to work with a different group of kids to help maintain our schedule and ensure all teams have a proper coach.  We want coaches to collaborate and work with each other.  Coaches are always welcome on the sideline for any SSRA team as part of our overall coaching staff.

If you are interested in joining our coaching staff and starting the process to learn more about the game, please contact us.  Many of our current and former staff now serve as middle school coaches and have obtained formal certifications that have helped improve their coaching skills.  They have grown along with their players to become even better at their work!